Wednesday, March 4, 1970

Author - del Rey, Lester

Birth: June 2, 1915.

Death: May 10, 1993.

Comments: Lester del Rey was the adopted name of American science fiction author and editor Leonard Knapp. He was a prolific author beginning in the 1930s, publishing dozens of stories either under his own name or one of his many pseudonyms such as Charles Satterfield, Edson McCann, John Alvarez, Marion Henry, Philip James, Philip St. John , Erik Van Lhin, Kenneth Wright, Wade Kaempfert, Ramon F. Alvarez-del Rey, and Cameron Hall. He also wrote numerous novels and more than a hundred non-fiction pieces including penning the review section for Analog Science Fiction and Fact with a series of essays titled The Reference Library.

As illustrious as his writing career was, del Rey achieved his greatest fame as an editor, editing several pulp magazines such as Fantasy Fiction, Rocket Stories, Science Fiction Adventures, and Space SF. With his fourth wife Judy-Lynne del Rey, he did what was probably his most substantial work in the genre working as an editor for Ballantine Books, eventually leading to the creation of their fantasy and science fiction imprint Del Rey Books.

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