Thursday, March 5, 1970

Author - Elwood, Roger

I believe this is a picture of Elwood,
but I am not certain.
Birth: January 13, 1943.

Death: February 2, 2007.

Comments: Roger Elwood was an American science fiction author and editor most known for the myriad of anthologies he edited in the early to mid-1970s. Elwood is something of a controversial figure in science fiction circles, as he published so many anthologies during his peak period of production that some critics believe he almost single-handedly caused the market for anthologies of short science fiction to collapse and poisoned the market for years afterwards. Elwood has also been criticized for using authors of dubious talent, underpaying his writers, and careless editing. On the other hand, six of his anthologies were nominated for a Locus Award for Best Anthology, while a seventh won.

After the market for science fiction anthologies collapsed in the late 1970s, Elwood abandoned the genre, downplayed or expunged all mention of his anthology work from his public profiles, and wound up teaching at a Bible college.

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