Sunday, March 8, 1970

Author - Hunt, Walter H.

Hunt at MidAmeriCon II
Birth: 1959.

Death: Still alive and writing role-playing game scenarios.

Comments: Walter H. Hunt is an American science fiction and fantasy writer best known for his Dark Wing series and his contributions to the 1632 universe. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College where he studied history, and a Freemason. He has incorporated his study of history into some of his fiction, such as the alternate history novels Elements of Mind and 1636: The Cardinal Virtues. His membership in the Freemasons probably aided him in crafting his novel A Song in Stone about the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel. Hunt has also written numerous scenarios for role-playing games.

Hunt has a website named Stone of Remembrance. He can also be found on Facebook.

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Radio Silence found in 2017 WSFA Small Press Award Voting

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