Sunday, March 1, 1970

Author - Adams, Douglas

Birth: March 11, 1952.

Death: May 11, 2001.

Comments: Douglas Adams was a British writer of satire and science fiction who died much too young. In the early stages of his career he was discovered by Graham Chapman and became one of the two non-members of Monty Python to write sketches for the show Monty Python's Flying Circus. Adams also wrote a sketch used on the Holy Grail album, and appeared in a handful of Flying Circus episodes. After Monty Python broke up, Adams' career drifted for a bit before he settled into writing for radio, eventually coming up with the work that would define the rest of his career: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Adams also wrote three Doctor Who episodes.

Adams was an atheist and an environmentalist. After his death, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Terry Jones, and Christopher Cerf all wrote eulogies for him that were included in his posthumously published book Salmon of Doubt. Every May 25th, Adams' fans declare the date to be Towel Day to honor his memory. Adams has a website dedicated to him titled Douglas Adams, and there is an entire wiki dedicated to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


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