Monday, March 2, 1970

Author - Barrett, Julia Rachel

Birth: I have no idea when, but there was probably some sign heralding her arrival.

Death: Still alive and blogging.

Comments: Julia Rachel Barrett is an author of erotic romance fiction. She has a blog dedicated to her books, and pretty much anything else she thinks about, including her near constant battle against the yellow jackets that live near her home called Julia Barrett's World, and is a frequent commenter on this blog (for which I am always thankful). She is also on twitter as Julia R. Barrett.

Barrett is also a registered nurse, and has had a wide range of other jobs including owning a catering company and restaurant, and working as a nanny, a secretary, a pastry chef, a waitress, and an art teacher. But I'm glad she added writing to her hectic life, because she produced at least one book that was exceptionally enjoyable to read.

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