Monday, March 2, 1970

Author - Brooks, Terry

Me and Brooks at Dragon*Con 2011
Birth: January 8, 1944.

Death: Still alive and writing about Shannara.

Comments: Terry Brooks is a popular and prolific fantasy author whose works are frequently set in his fantasy world of Shannara starting with The Sword of Shannara published in 1977. Although Shannara started as a fairly standard appearing fantasy world, it has subsequently been developed into a post-apocalyptic setting.

Brooks earned his B.A. from Hamilton College and his J.D. from Washington & Lee University (which gives me a loose connection to him, as a substantial number of my high school professors were alumni of that university). He also has a website named Terry Brooks.

My reviews of Terry Brooks' books:
The Measure of the Magic

Other books by Terry Brooks that I have read but not reviewed:

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