Tuesday, March 3, 1970

Author - Chandler, A. Bertram

Birth: March 28, 1912.

Death: June 6, 1984

Comments: A. Bertram Chandler was an Australian science fiction author best known for his nautically themed works about deep space explorers. Originally born in England, he emigrated to Australia in 1956 while in the middle of an extended career as a merchant marine officer. In between his duties as an officer, he managed to write dozens of novels and a couple hundred short stories, most of which featured intrepid explorers living in the deep space equivalent of ocean freighters. He was a moderately jingoistic proponent of his adopted country, working Australia or some sort of proxy version of Australia into a number of his works. He won four Ditmar Awards (more or less the Australian equivalent to the Arthur C. Clarke Award). During his long career, Chandler wrote under a variety of pseudonyms, including George Whitley, George Whitely, Andrew Dunstan, and the initials S.H.M. There is an active tribute page dedicated to the late author, which can be found here.

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