Wednesday, March 4, 1970

Author - D'Ammassa, Don

Birth: April 24, 1946.

Death: Still alive and reading prodigious numbers of books.

Comments: Don D'Ammassa is an American science fiction author. He holds a degree from Michigan State University and served in the Vietnam War. He began writing while he was quite young, but due to a sequence of bad luck, he didn't have a story published until 1982. Since then he has published several novels and a large number of works of shorter fiction. D'Ammassa has never won a Hugo award, but he has been nominated several times as Best Fan Writer, and Mythologies, the fanzine he edited, was nominated twice.

D'Ammassa is an avid book collector, and he estimates his collection numbers more than fifty thousand books, and he says he reads one a day on average. He also collects DVDs, and has more than three thousand. D'Ammassa maintains a website with information about his reviews, stories, and nonfiction work named Critical Mass.

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