Wednesday, March 4, 1970

Author - de Camp, L. Sprague

Birth: November 27, 1907.

Death: November 6, 2000.

Comments: L. Sprague de Camp was a science fiction and fantasy author, as well as an aeronautical engineer. He earned his B.S. from Cal Tech and his M.S. from the Stevens Institute before working as a surveyor. During World War II he worked in the Philadelphia Naval Yard along with fellow science fiction authors Robert A. Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. Unlike Asimov and Heinlein, de Camp was in the armed services during the war, ending the conflict as a Lieutenant Colonel.

L. Sprague de Camp was not as inclined to hard science as one might expect from an engineer, and favored fantasy fiction and alternate histories in his own writing, including his best work Lest Darkness Fall. After his friend Robert Howard died, de Camp took up writing Conan stories although whether de Camp's stories were a good or bad addition to the Conan mythos is a matter of much debate among Conan fans. de Camp frequently collaborated with Fletcher Pratt and Lin Carter. Although and extremely prolific author, de Camp only won two awards for his writing: the International Fantasy Award he shared with Willy Ley for Lands Beyond, and the Hugo Award he won for his autobiography Time and Chance. The sheer volume of his work resulted in numerous lifetime achievement awards, including the Nebula Grand Master Award and the Gandalf Grand Master Award.

The is a fan site dedicated to de Camp named Sprague de Camp: The Fan Site.

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The Eye of Tandyla found in Time Untamed

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