Friday, March 6, 1970

Author - Flowers, M.K.

Birth: Flowers is a fictional name shared as a pseudonym by two different media shy authors. As a result, M.K. Flowers was never born, but rather created.

Death:Both parts of M.K. Flowers appear to still be alive and writing.

Comments: M.K. Flowers is the pen name of a father-daughter writing team that thus far has produced the fantasy novel Gaelen's Gold. The two are somewhat cagey about their actual identities, with the only real information about them that is available being that they live in Texas, he works as an optics engineer and she is in graduate school. Apparently they decided to write their fantasy epic following the death of their son and brother. They started Kestralane Publishing to publish their work, naming it after one of the secondary characters in Gaelen's Gold. They also have a Facebook fan page.

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