Tuesday, March 10, 1970

Author - Javor, Frank A.

Birth: 1916.

Death: Probably 2003.

Comments: Frank A. Javor is the pseudonym of Francis Anthony Jaworski, who was a relatively obscure science fiction author who published a handful of short science fiction works and a few novels in the late 1960s and then a few more short works in the early 1990s. He was apparently so obscure that very few pictures of the author seem to have been taken, and I have been unable to locate one (hence the picture of his novel The Rim-World Legacy). Most of Jaworski's output was actually in the form of "how to" articles for service magazines, and he is credited with authoring some ten thousand such pieces.

Jaworski's date of death is a matter of mild dispute. In 1992, Locus Magazine reported that he had died in the preceding year, prompting a letter from the author in which he insisted that he was not dead. Some sources, however, continue to list the erroneous date as being Jaworski's actual date of death. He apparently actually died in 2003.

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