Friday, March 13, 1970

Author - Martin, George R.R.

Martin at CapClave 2013
Birth: September 20, 1948

Death: Still alive and killing off every character in Westeros.

Comments: George R.R. Martin is a science fiction and fantasy author most known for writing the Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series, a sort of brutal fantasy version of the War of the Roses with a lot of bloody dismemberment. He is also the creative force behind the Wild Cards shared world series of books about an Earth in which some people manifest super powers as well as a number of other science fiction and fantasy stories. He has also written extensively for television, including numerous episodes of the Beauty and the Beast series. The Song of Ice and Fire series has been turned into a Hugo Award winning television series by HBO.

Martin is an avid science fiction and fantasy convention attender, and due to his many Hugo nominations (and few wins) he organized a party for losing nominees which is now held at each Worldcon. He also collects miniatures and comic books. To a certain extent, Martin appears to be as much a fan as he is a writer, which makes him even cooler. One thing he does not like is fan fiction, so if you are tempted to write a spin off story set in Westeros, don't. Martin has received a lot of criticism for spending a lot of time on fannish pursuits while time has stretched on between A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. This criticism took on such wide proportions that Neil Gaiman wrote a blog entry about it titled Entitlement Issues. I'm inclined to think that if I ever made it as a genre fiction author I would want to enjoy myself too, and consequently I think these criticisms are stupid.

Martin has an official website, and a blog titled Not a Blog.

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