Friday, March 13, 1970

Author - McCaffrey, Anne

Birth: April 1, 1926.

Death: November 21, 2011.

Comments: Anne McCaffrey was a science fiction author most closely associated with the dragons that inhabited her fictional world of Pern. The first science fiction story I ever read was a McCaffrey story set on Pern - a short piece about a boy trying to impress a dragon that was part of a collection of stories aimed at younger readers. Though she wrote several works not set on Pern, she was best known for her Pern books, a series that garnered her both a Hugo and Nebula award. McCaffrey holds the distinction of being the first woman to win a Hugo and a Nebula.

Though it has not been updated since her son's eulogy was posted, Anne has an official site named The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey - Pern Home.

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