Friday, March 13, 1970

Author - Meacham, Beth

Birth: 1951.

Death: Still alive and happily retired.

Comments: Beth Meacham has been an editor at Tor Books since 1984 (including a turn as editor-in-chief) following a stint from 1979-1983 with Ace Books. She attended Antioch College where she studied communications, but I can't find any reference to what degree she earned. She is married to Tappan King, and coauthored the book Nightshade with him. Though she is best known as an editor, she has published several pieces of short fiction, and coauthored a number of books including A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction, A Reader's Guide to Fantasy, and Di Fate's Catalog of Science Fiction Hardware.

She has a website, and is on twitter, as well as Google+.

My reviews of Beth Meacham's books:

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