Thursday, March 19, 1970

Author - Stanton, J.

This is his press photo.
Yeah, it kind of makes him look like
a jackass that he uses it.
Birth: Does it matter when a gnoll aficionado was born?

Death: It will happen, probably when he skis off a cliff or something.

Comments: J. Stanton is an advocate for the paleo-diet that posits that eating lots of meat and eschewing grains is the fundamental basis of a healthy lifestyle. The theory behind this is that this is how humans lived for millions of years before the rise of civilization, so it is what we evolved to do. The blind spot that I see in this theory is that humans who lived in the paleolithic era only had an estimated average lifespan of about thirty-three years. Advocates argue that in the Neolithic era human lifespan dropped and it is only the fruits of modern technology that have sparked a rise in life span. The problem is, without the agricultural society that dominated human civilization, we would not have had those fruits of modern technology. Stanton seems to have become an author primarily to write polemics in favor of his chosen lifestyle, and also seems to have expanded the idea of the paleolithic diet into a comprehensive way of living that is more or less Randian in nature.

If you want to learn more about Stanton's social and political views, he maintains a website titled, and also has a website dedicated to the Gnoll Credo.

My reviews of J. Stanton's books:
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