Friday, March 20, 1970

Author - Tambour, Anna

Birth: Some point in time a while in the past.

Death: Still alive and writing undefinable fiction.

Comments: Anna Tambour is an Australian writer of speculative fiction and poetry. Her fiction is often satirical and frequently incorporates odd or antiquated foods. Tambour has published two novels, several dozen pieces of short fiction, and a small number of poems. Her fiction has been honored with an Aurealis Award and has been nominated several times for a variety of other awards. Tambour is also an avid photographer.

Tambour writes the blog Meldar Comfits, and has a website named Anna Tambour and Others. She is also on Facebook.

My reviews of Anna Tambour's books:

Other books by Anna Tambour that I have read but not reviewed:

Short fiction by Anna Tambour appearing in books that I have reviewed:
The Gun Between the Veryush and the Cloud Mothers found in Asimov's Science Fiction: Vol. 39, Nos. 4 & 5 (April/May 2015)

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