Sunday, March 1, 1970

Author - Adams, Scott

Scott Adams in his appearance
as Mr. Adams on Babylon 5
Birth: June 8, 1957

Death: Still alive and kicking.

Comments: Scott Adams is most famous for creating and writing the Dilbert comic strip featuring a nerdy engineer as the lead and viciously satirizing the modern workplace. Interestingly, Adams is not an engineer, but has an undergaduate degree in economics and an MBA.

Adams also appeared on my favorite show of all time, Babylon 5, in the season four episode Moments in Transition as a character named Mr. Adams who wanted to hire Mr. Garibaldi to find his missing dog and cat, who he feared would take over the universe. You can find all kinds of additional information related to Dilbert and Scott Adams on his official website.

My reviews of Scott Adams' books:
Always Postpone Meetings With Time-Wasting Morons
Bring Me the Head of Willy the Mailboy!
Build A Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies
Dogbert's Clues for the Clueless
Fugitive from the Cubicle Police
It's Not Funny If I Have to Explain It
It's Obvious You Won't Survive by Your Wits Alone
Seven Years of Highly Defective People
Shave the Whales
Still Pumped from Using the Mouse

Other books by Scott Adams I have read but not reviewed:
Dilbert Gives You the Business

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