Sunday, March 1, 1970

Author - Avery, Sarah

Me and Avery at CapClave 2015
Birth: Sure. It happened. A while ago.

Death: Still alive and tutoring students.

Comments: Sarah Avery is an American fantasy author best known for her Mythopoeic Award winning novel Tales from Rugosa Coven. An army brat, she graduated from high school in Korea, and attended Vassar University, eventually earning a Ph.D. in English.

Because I am sometimes not very good about managing my book collection, I have purchased her book Tales from Rugosa Cavern from her twice, and had her sign it both times.

Avery has a website named Sarah Avery and she writes a blog titled Dr. Pretentious. She can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

My reviews of Sarah Avery's books:

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