Tuesday, March 3, 1970

Author - Correia, Larry

Birth: 1977.

Death: Still driving the Sad Puppy clown car to irrelevance.

Comments: Larry Correia is an American fantasy author and rather childish gun-fetishist. Until 2014, Correia's books had never been nominated for any genre awards of any kind, even striking out on the libertarian oriented Prometheus Award despite the obvious pandering towards securing such a nomination included in them. He was, however, nominated for the Campbell Award in 2011, which he lost to Lev Grossman. Taking this loss as a slight, Correia simultaneously dismissed genre awards and was fairly obvious in his desperate wish to be nominated for and win one. In 2014, he aligned himself with the racist, sexist, and homophobic dipshit known as Theodore Beale and published and promoted what has become known as the "Sad Puppy 2" suggested ballot for the Hugo Award nominations, encouraging people to vote for works and people who aligned with his chosen political ideology rather than based upon the quality of their work. Lest anyone think this was not the case, Correia has stated his reason for starting the Sad Puppy debacle as:
I fully admit, and am on record about starting this out of spite.
This stunt resulted in his garnering a nomination for his book Warbound, although at the cost of what little reputation he had in the wider science fiction community. In 2015, he passed on the job of being a complete asshole towards the Hugo-voting community to fellow whiny man-child Brad Torgersen.

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