Friday, March 6, 1970

Author - Fei, Tang

Birth: I don't know when, but the where is China.

Death: Still alive and hesitantly writing brilliant science fiction.

Comments: Tang Fei is a Chinese science fiction author. She has only published a handful of works in Chinese, and only three have been translated into English. Based upon this interview in Amazing Stories, it appears that she does not submit her work for publication very often out of shyness. Having read A Universal Elegy, I will state that she really has nothing to be shy about, as she is quite skilled as a writer.

As with most Chinese science fiction authors, it is difficult to find substantial biographical information about Tang Fei. I am not even certain if the picture used here is actually her.

My reviews of Tang Fei's books:

Other books by Tang Fei that I have read but not reviewed:

Short fiction by Tang Fei appearing in works that I have reviewed:
A Universal Elegy found in Clarkesworld: Issue 100 (January 2015)

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