Friday, March 6, 1970

Author - Farmer, Philip José

Birth: January 26, 1918.

Death: February 25, 2009.

Comments: Philip José Farmer was a science fiction author and technical writer. Farmer earned a B.A. in English from Bradley University and then embarked on a career as a writer. He was able to publish a few books, including the well-regarded novella The Lovers, but when he won a literary prize from a company that folded, failed to pay him the prize money, and didn't publish his winning book, he stopped writing fiction and took a career as a technical writer. He returned to full-time fiction writing fourteen years later and produced numerous books, including the Hugo-winning To Your Scattered Bodies Go featuring Richard Francis Burton, Herman Göring, and Samuel Clemens as characters. Farmer liked to draw characters from history or other literary works to use in his novels, pulling such figures as Tarzan, Doc Savage, Sherlock Holmes, and Kilgore Trout into his own books.

There is a website dedicated to Farmer and his works named The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page.

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Short fiction by Philip José Farmer appearing in works that I have reviewed:
Opening the Door found in Children of Infinity
Riders of the Purple Wage found in More Stories from the Hugo Winners, Volume II

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