Friday, March 13, 1970

Author - Makansi, Jason

Birth: I don't know, sometime, maybe near St. Louis?

Death: Still alive and writing about technical subjects.

Comments: Jason Makansi is an American author and chemical engineer who has written a handful of books on the energy industry - notably two on the subject of the electrical energy industry titled Lights Out and An Investor's Guide to to the Electricity Economy. He has also written a book titled Painting by Numbers which is intended to be an introductory guide to evaluating the numbers and statistics that bombard us in our daily lives.

Makansi is the founder and president of the consulting firm Pearl Street, and one of the founders of the small press publisher Blank Slate Press.

Makansi has a website named JM. He can also be found on Facebook. He is married to one of the trio that make up K. Makansi, and I believe he is the father of the other two.

My reviews of Jason Makansi's books:
Painting by Numbers

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Short fiction by Jason Makansi appearing in works that I have reviewed:

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