Saturday, March 14, 1970

Author - Nevala-Lee, Alec

Nevala-Lee at MidAmeriCon II
Birth: I don't know when, but I'm guessing it was in California.

Death: Still alive and not working for an investment firm.

Comments: Alec Nevala-Lee is an American science fiction author best known for his novels The Icon Thief and City of Exiles. Educated at Harvard University, Nevala-Lee spent several years working for a New York based investment firm before leaving to pursue a full-time writing career. His short fiction has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact and Lightspeed Magazine and he has written articles for numerous publications including the Los Angeles Times, Daily Beast, and Salon.

Nevala-Lee has a blog titled Alec Nevala-Lee. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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