Saturday, March 14, 1970

Author - November, Sharyn

Me and November at CapClave 2013
Birth: Sometime in the 1950s or so in New York.

Death: Still alive and looking for great young adult books to publish.

Comments: Sharyn November is an American editor of young adult science fiction and fantasy. She is the Editorial Director for Firebird, a young adult science fiction and fantasy imprint. November is also the Senior Editor for Puffin Books and Viking Children's Books. November is one of the giants of editing modern young adult fiction, and in her extensive career she has edited many of the most prominent young adult science fiction and fantasy authors including Nancy Farmer, Carol Emshwiller, Diane Wynne Jones, Elizabeth Hand, Nancy Kress, and dozens of others. She also has an impressive volume of red hair.

November was at the most recent CapClave, and we attended a panel discussion about Diane Wynne Jones' work in which November participated. Within five minutes of hearing her talk, I leaned over to Angela and pointed out that November was probably her long-lost sister, mostly because of the story she told about Jones dedicating one of her books to November's laundry. The dedication was apparently the result of the fact that November hates to do laundry, and while Jones was writing the book,November had stopped washing her clothes, instead buying new clothes when she needed them - mostly new black tights. Jones made a deal with November: Jones would finish her book, and then November would do her laundry. The book was finished. Sharyn did laundry. When she hung her massive collection of wet tights on the shower curtain rod to dry, the rod fell down under the weight.

November has a website named The Virtual Sharyn November, 11.1, and she is also on Twitter. In an interesting bit of trivia, it seems that November was destined for young adult genre fiction from a very early age, as fantasy author Lloyd Alexander was her godfather.

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