Thursday, March 19, 1970

Author - Shoemaker, Martin L.

Shoemaker and Me at MidAmeriCon II
Birth: I don't know when, but I'm guessing it happened in Michigan.

Death: Still alive and not an care-giving android.

Comments: Martin L. Shoemaker is an American software developer and science fiction and fantasy author best know for his WSFA Small Press Award winning story Today I Am Paul. After attending the University of Michigan, Shoemaker embarked upon a career as a software developer and analyst. Eventually he turned his hand to writing, and has produced numerous works of short fiction including The Mother Anthony, Father-Daughter Outing, Scramble, A Most Auspicious Star, and Today I Am Paul. In 2016, Shoemaker won the WSFA Small Press Award for his story Today I Am Paul. The story was also nominated for a Nebula Award, and appeared on the 2016 Hugo Longlist.

Shoemaker has a website named Martin L. Shoemaker: The UML Guy. He can also be found on Twitter as both ShoemakerSpace and UMLGuy. Shoemaker has two Facebook pages as well - Martin L. Shoemaker and The UML Guy.

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Today I Am Paul found in 2016 WSFA Small Press Award Voting

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