Thursday, March 5, 1970

Author - Erdelac, Edward M.

Birth: September 28, 1975.

Death: Apparently not yet, but if he did, he'd probably come back as a zombie.

Comments: Edward M. Erdelac is a science fiction and horror writer who has a love of both classic horror and Westerns. Originally from Indiana, Erdelac now lives in Los Angeles and has written a fair number of short stories, a number of paranormal themed books that seem to frequently incorporate western themes, and has also contributed to the Star Wars universe. He also wrote, produced, and directed the independent film Meaner Than Hell.

Erdelac has a fairly substantial web presence: he has a Facebook fan page, a blog named Delerium Tremens, a Wookiepedia entry, and, of all things, a MySpace Page. he can also be found on Twitter.

My reviews of Edward M. Erdelac's books:

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