Thursday, March 5, 1970

Author - Eskridge, Kelley

Birth: 1960.

Death: Still alive and writing.

Comments: Kelley Eskridge is a science fiction author most known for writing the novel Solitaire and the story Alien Jane, which was adapted for television by the Sci Fi network (back when it was the Sci Fi network) under the title Welcome to Paradox. She attended Northwestern University and the University of South Florida. Before she took up writing full time, she was, at one point, a vice-president for game publisher Wizards of the Coast. She lives with her wife Nicola Griffith, who is also a speculative fiction author.

She has a website named Kelley Eskridge, and a blog also named Kelley Eskridge. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

My reviews of Kelley Eskridge's books:

Other books by Kelley Eskridge that I have read but not reviewed:

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