Sunday, March 8, 1970

Author - Haldeman II, Jack C.

Birth: December 18, 1941.

Death: January 1, 2002.

Comments: Jack C. Haldeman, II was an American science fiction author and biologist. He was also the older brother of science fiction author Joe Haldeman and the husband of author Barbara Delaplace. He studied at the University of Oklahoma and John Hopkins University before embarking on a career as a scientist where he worked on topics as diverse as parisitology and the greenhouse effect. As a science fiction author he was not as famous or as prolific as his more heralded younger brother, but he still managed to turn out many pieces of good short fiction, many of which incorporated a sporting theme into their plots, plus a handful of novels. He did work with a few other authors, collaborating with, among others, Jack Dann, Harlan Ellison, and his wife Delaplace. Oddly, he seems to have collaborated on a story with his brother only once, although that would seem to have been a natural pairing.

Jack has a website dedicated to him named, unsurprisingly Jack C. Haldeman, II.

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