Sunday, March 8, 1970

Author - Hemstrom, Cassie

Birth: I have no idea, but you can see from the picture that it happened.

Death: Still alive and studying English.

Comments: Cassie Hemstrom is an American student and dedicated Doctor Who fan. She is part of the Reno Time Team, a group of fans dedicated to watching the entire run of the Doctor Who television series from beginning to end. Hemstrom is also a doctoral student working on a degree in English at the University of Nevada-Reno, and holds degrees from both St. John's University and Boise State University, where she taught as a graduate student.

My reviews of Cassie Hemstrom's books:

Other books by Cassie Hemstrom that I have read but not reviewed:

Essays by Cassie Hemstrom appearing in works that I have reviewed:
A Needle Through the Heart (with Maura Grady) found in Doctor Who in Time and Space

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