Wednesday, March 11, 1970

Author - King, A.S.

A.S. King and me at Hooray for Books!
on April 15, 2011
Birth: 1970.

Death: Still alive and counting dog facts and making flowcharts.

Comments: A.S. King is an author of the quirky, brilliant, young adult book Please Ignore Vera Dietz, and the wonderfully enticing Dust of 100 Dogs. Her third book, Everybody Sees the Ants, was released late in 2011, and Ask the Passengers was published in 2012. She lived in Ireland for the better part of a decade dedicating herself to organic farming and teaching literacy before moving back to the United States and settling with her husband and kids in rural Pennsylvania (no, I don't know where, and I wouldn't tell you if I did).

You can visit her official website, her facebook fan page, or follow her on twitter.

My reviews of A.S. King's books:
The Dust of 100 Dogs
Everybody Sees the Ants
Please Ignore Vera Dietz

Other books by A.S. King that I have read but not reviewed:

Author appearances:
April 15, 2011 at Hooray for Books!

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