Thursday, March 12, 1970

Author - Lafferty, R.A.

Birth: November 17, 1914.

Death: March 18, 2002.

Comments: Raphael Aloysius Lafferty was an author whose fiction has been described several times as "uncategorizable", but to the extent that it can, is best known for writing science fiction and historical fiction. Lafferty attended the University of Tulsa, but did not graduate. When the United States entered World War II, he joined the U.S. Army and was eventually stationed in the South Pacific.

Lafferty did not begin writing professionally until the 1950s, and until the 1960s his publication history was fairly thin. He worked as an electrical engineer until 1971, when he turned his attention to writing full time, after which he produced some of his best work. His writing career suffered a severe setback a mere thirteen years later when he suffered a stroke in 1984, forcing him to spend less time writing. Lafferty's career is a prime example of a writer who started his writing career relatively late and yet still managed to produce a prodigious body of excellent work.

Lafferty was nominated for the Hugo Award and Nebula award several times, and won the Hugo award once for his short story Eurema's Dam. Lafferty has a website dedicated to him and his work named the R.A. Lafferty Devotional Page.

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Eurema's Dam found in The Hugo Winners, Volume 3, Book 2

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