Thursday, March 12, 1970

Author - Leinster, Murray

Birth: June 16, 1896.

Death: June 8, 1975.

Comments: Murray Leinster was the pen name of William F. Jenkins, an extraordinarily prolific author and inventor. Leinster published hundreds of short stories and dozens of novels through his career, mostly of the pulp adventure variety, although he wrote in several different genres: jungle tales, westerns, science fiction, and romance. When describing Harlan Ellison as his literary "brother", Ray Bradbury asserted that Leinster was their shared father.

Leinster served in both World War I and World War II. Following World War II, he would occasionally publish stories under the names William Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Jenkins, or Will F. Jenkins, usually when more than one of his stories was to appear in a single issue of a magazine.

There is a website dedicated to Leinster's work titled the Murray Leinster Home Page.

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Exploration Team found in The Hugo Winners, Volume 1

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