Friday, March 13, 1970

Author - Mirabelli, Eugene

Birth: I think it was in 1931.

Death: Still alive and slumming in the science fiction section.

Comments: Mirabelli is a former University of Albany English professor, who has had considerable success as a mainstream "literary" fiction author who has also written a fair body of science fiction. He has a Ph.D. from Harvard and a large number of publications, both mainstream and science fiction, to his credit.

Eugene Mirabelli is one of the rare authors who has had mainstream success but also turned to writing competent science fiction. Many mainstream authors, such as Philip Roth and P.D. James, have turned their attentions to science fiction more or less with the attitude that they would "show those genre hacks how good writing is done", with the end result being that they turn out mediocre, clichéd science fiction that gets limited respect from those in the genre and then they return to their careers of turning out mind-numbingly boring mainstream fiction. Mirabelli, on the other hand, decided to write science fiction when he realized that his stories of magical realism would find a welcoming market there.

Mirabelli has a website named Eugene Mirabelli: Novels, Short Stories, Journal Articles . . .

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