Friday, March 13, 1970

Author - Malzberg, Barry N.

Birth: 1939.

Death: Still alive and kicking.

Comments: Barry N. Malzberg is a science fiction and fantasy writer. Malzberg is a graduate of Syracuse University, and seems to be something of a dedicated New Yorker, having lived in Teaneck, New York for much of his adult life. He has written under a couple of pseudonyms, including K.M. O'Donnell, Bill Coyne, Robin Schaefer, and Mike Barry.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, who were typically advocates of science and technology as a means to better the human condition, Malzberg has frequently been quite pessimistic in his work, focusing on the dehumanizing effects of bureaucracy and technology. This bent has drawn him criticism from many ardent advocates of Campbellian science fiction, but it has also garnered him Hugo Award nominations, a Campbell Award for his novel Beyond Apollo, and a Locus Award for his essay collection The Engines of Night.

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