Monday, March 16, 1970

Author - Patrouch, Joseph

I can't find a picture of
Joseph Patrouch, so here
is the cover of his book
Birth: May 23, 1935.

Death: I don't think so.

Comments: Joseph Patrouch is something of a ghost in the world of speculative fiction. He turned up in the 1970s, wrote a handful of short science fiction pieces, a small array of essays, published an analytic work examining the fiction of Isaac Asimov, and then seemingly vanished after the 1980s. He may have been a professor in the English department at the University of Dayton for a while, but I am not certain of that. Other than the very small volume of work that we have, there is almost no other information about Patrouch available.

He is sometimes alternatively credited as Joe Patrouch, Joseph F. Patrouch, or Joseph Patrouch, Jr.

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The Man Who Murdered Television found in TV: 2000

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