Wednesday, March 18, 1970

Author - Resnick, Mike

Birth: March 5, 1942

Death: Still alive and kicking.

Comments: Mike Resnick is a science fiction author known mostly for his short fiction, although he has published more than sixty novels and edited dozens of collections as well. Resnick attended the University of Chicago before setting out for a career editing numerous newspapers and magazines, as well as writing a number of adult-themed novels under a variety of pseudonyms. He published his first science fiction novel, The Goddess of Ganymede, in 1967, but didn't become a regular producer of science fiction oriented material until the 1980s. He has won five Hugo Awards, all for short fiction, and a Nebula Award, also for short fiction, as well as numerous other awards. He maintains a website to showcase his work named Mike Resnick.

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