Wednesday, March 18, 1970

Author- Reynolds, Mack

Birth: November 11, 1917.

Death: January 30, 1983.

Comments: Mack Reynolds was the pen name of Dallas McCord Reynolds, a prominent science fiction author of the 1960s. He also wrote under the names Clark Collins, Mark Mallory, Guy McCord, Dallas Ross, and Maxine Reynolds.

Reynolds' parents Pauline and Verne were very active in the Socialist Labor Party, with Verne running as the Party's candidate for U.S. Vice-President once, and as candidate for U.S. President twice. Reynolds worked with his parents from a very young age, joining the Party himself as a teenager and going on speaking tours with his father. Reynolds married Evelyn Sandell when he was very young, and had three children. In 1944, Reynolds joined the Navy to support the U.S. efforts in World War II and was assigned to serve in the Philippines. While Reynolds was away, Evelyn fell in love with another man and demanded a divorce upon his return, which he granted.

Following his divorce, Reynolds took up writing, and soon became quite successful. Many of Reynolds' stories feature utopian futures in which Esperanto had become the universal language and people lived "mobile" lives with no fixed addresses, reflecting his socialist upbringing. Reynolds married again, this time to his wife Jeanette, who stayed with him the rest of his life. From the 1950s until the end of his life, Reynolds lived in Mexico.

Reynolds wrote the first Star Trek spin off novel, titled Mission to Horatius. Reynolds also is credited as the coauthor with Dean Ing on a number of novels due to an unusual arrangement - near the end of his life when Reynolds was terminally ill he wrote as many novel outlines as he could with the understanding that Ing would complete the books and share the resulting income with Reynolds' widow Jeanette.

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