Thursday, March 19, 1970

Author - Scholze, Nate

Birth: It may have happened. On the other hand, he might just be a reincarnated immortal alien entity.

Death: It hasn't happened yet. Or maybe it has and he returned in another body.

Comments: Nate Scholze is a self-published science fiction author from Wisconsin whose one book thus far is Escape from Eternity. The book is based upon the somewhat grandiose "Escape from Eternity Theory", which Scholze asserts is an alternative explanation for the existence of the Earth. It is difficult to tell if he is entirely serious about this being a real theory, or if it is just something he came up with as background for his science fiction novel. Apparently he intends to write at least one sequel to the book, currently bearing the working title of Creation Theory, and possibly more.

Scholze has a self-named website that seems strangely unfinished in places, a Facebook fan page, and you can follow him on Twitter.

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