Thursday, March 19, 1970

Author - Spinrad, Norman

Birth: September 15, 1940.

Death: Still alive and writing controversial books.

Comments: Norman Spinrad is an American science fiction author who has written a collection of excellent novels and left a swirling hurricane of controversy in his wake. Most of his books, such as Bug Jack Barron and The Void Captain's Tale, have been controversial because of their explicit sexual content, but The Iron Dream caused a stir as an alternate history in which Adolf Hitler is a science fiction author who writes an alternate history titled Lord of the Swastika. Spinrad found controversy as recently at 2007, when he tried to find a publisher for his novel Osama the Gun before deciding the self-publish the work. Spinrad is also one of the many science-fiction authors of the 1960s who contributed scripts to the original Star Trek television series, co-writing the episode The Doomsday Machine, an effort which garnered him a Hugo nomination.

Spinrad has a website named Norman Spinrad, and writes the blog Norman at Large. Spinrad also has a page dedicated to him at Memory Alpha, and you can follow him on Twitter.

My reviews of Norman Spinrad's books:

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Agent of Chaos
The Void Captain's Tale

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