Thursday, March 19, 1970

Author - Syers, Rita Hsu

As far as I can tell, Rita Hsu Syers
has no publicly available pictures.
Instead, here's a painting of
Proserpine by Rosetti.
Birth: Some point in time a little more than sixty years ago.

Death: Still alive and inflicting awful fiction on the world.

Comments: Rita Hsu Syers is the author of the worst book I have ever read (and that's saying something), and the owner of Bronwen Publishing, which as far as I can tell, exists solely to publish her books. She loves animals, and goes out of her way to include them in her books. This didn't improve the book of hers that I read. She is also very thin-skinned and when I initially wrote my review of PureHeart she and a friend of hers named Clark Isaacs wrote me some nasty e-mails and made up a couple lies about the review. There is very little other publicly available information about this author - she is apparently in her sixties and supposedly lives in Newtown. Every now and then I visit her webpages to see if she has inflicted any more awful books on the world, but her writing career deservedly seems to have stalled.

There is a Bronwen Publishing website.Ms. Syers also maintains a Facebook page and a page on the Book Marketing Network.

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