Tuesday, June 16, 1970

Musical Artist - Pickett, Bobby "Boris"

Bobby Pickett was an American actor and part-time singer who co-wrote and performed the hit novelty song Monster Mash. While performing as a nightclub entertainer as part of a band named the Cordials, Pickett would sometimes incorporate his dead-on impersonations of famous horror movie actors such as Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi into the routine, which usually went over quite well with audiences. Inspired by this experience, Pickett got together with his friend Lenny Capezzi and wrote Monster Mash, a song that took advantage of his talent at impressions, and marketed it to numerous record labels before Gary Paxton of Garpax Records agreed to record it. The song reached the top 100 three times, making it the most successful novelty song of all time, although Pickett was never able to follow up on its success, despite several attempts. Sadly, Pickett contracted leukemia and died in 2007.

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