Thursday, June 18, 1970

Musical Artist - Rhodes, Sonny

Sonny Rhodes is a blues singer and guitarist with a long and distinguished career. He recorded his first single I'll Never Let You Go When Something Is Wrong in 1958, and has been playing blues music professional pretty much ever since then. In his extended career, he has been nominated for a Blues Music Award fifteen times, and has won once. He also founded his own recording label named Rhodesway Records in 1978, and recorded some of his music for it.

Despite his mainstream blues success, that isn't why he is included here. In 2002, Joss Weedon produced the science fiction show Firefly, and needed someone to record the theme song he had written for its opening credits. He got Sonny to perform the song, and the singers gravelly, world-weary blues voice provided the exact tone needed for both the song and the series. As a result of being the right man, on the right show, at the right time, Rhodes' voice is the sound of lost hopes and pensive dreams for many science fiction fans.

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