Tuesday, June 23, 1970

Musical Artist - WarRock, Adam

Adam WarRock is a rapper who produces music in the "Geek Core" genre, rapping songs that are littered with references to comic books, science fiction, table top and computer games, and other nerdy themes. He has created albums dedicated to the Browncoats, the members of House Slytherin, the West Coast Avengers, the X-Men, Doctor Who, and the Song of Ice and Fire series as well as numerous others all featuring similarly nerdy themes.

As one might expect of a nerdy rapper who makes his living by appealing to attendees at geeky conventions and the denizens of the internet, Adam has a substantial internet presence including a website named Adam Warrock, a YouTube channel, and a Facebook fan page. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Musical Monday Selections:

02/17/14: Tabletop Games (with The Doubleclicks)

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