Monday, June 15, 1970

Musical Artist - Owl City

Owl City is a band that essentially consists of one member: Adam Young. All of Owl City's music is written, composed, recorded, and produced by Young, although when he goes on tour he does have a back up band accompany him.

Owl City is interesting in that, like so many artists now, it got its start on the internet when Young began recording songs and uploading them onto his MySpace account in his spare time, mostly it seems, because he was bored with his job loading Coca-Cola trucks and couldn't sleep at night. Young built a fan base the hard way - by engaging people online and being open and accessible to them. Eventually Owl City got a recording contract with a major label, but kept to the same format that had made the act successful to begin with, reasoning that since what made them popular was the homemade feel and the authentic and honest online persona, they should keep doing that.

As one might expect for a band that got its start on the internet, Owl City has a YouTube channel, can be found on Twitter, and has its own website named Owl City Music.

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