Thursday, June 18, 1970

Musical Artist - Redbone

Redbone is a Native American rock band originally founded in 1969 by brothers Pat Vasquez-Vegas and Lolly Vasquez-Vegas. Supporting the two brothers was a rotating group of other musicians, all of Native American or Mexican descent including Tony Bellamy, Peter DePoe, Arturo Perez, and Butch Rillera. Redbone had their greatest success in 1974 with the number one hit single Come and Get Your Love, but also had a fair amount of success with songs such as Alcatraz, The Witch Queen of New Orleans, and Wovoka.

Although the band never officially broke up, it has only engaged in extremely limited activity since 1977, and recent years have seen the passing of Tony Bellamy, Lolly Vasquez-Vegas, and Arturo Perez. In 2014, the song Redbone was placed on the soundtrack to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy as part of Peter Quill's "Awesome Mix". The band has an official website named Redbone.

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05/09/16: Come and Get Your Love

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