Tuesday, June 16, 1970

Musical Artist - The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers are a pair of twin brothers named Charlie Reid and Craig Reid. They are Scottish, which is readily apparent if you hear them sing or speak. I have a slight advantage in that I was very close with a Scottish girl when I was a teenager and I have never had any trouble understanding them, but I have been told that their native brogue is impenetrable by others.

The brothers formed the band in 1983, and rose to prominence with their hit Letter from America in 1987 after touring with the Housemartins. They've only had one hit in the United States, the 1989 song I'm Gonna be (500 Miles) which did not achieve success in America until 1993 when it was featured in the movie Benny & Joon, but they are quite popular in Scotland, where they are treated as national icons, in part due to their staunch support of Scottish independence. Former Dr. Who star and fellow Scot David Tennant is a big fan of the band.

The Proclaimers have an official website named The Proclaimers, as well as a Facebook fan page, and you can follow them on Twitter.

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