Friday, June 19, 1970

Musical Artist - The Specials

The Specials, also known as "The Special A.K.A." was an English ska band with punk influences that was most active between 1979 and 1981 although they were active through 1984 albeit with a substantial change in their lineup after 1981. The band scored two number one huts on the U.K. charts: Too Much Too Young as the title track to a five song EP, and Ghost Town, and another top ten hit with Free Nelson Mandela.

Originally formed in 1977 by Jerry Dammers, Tim Strickland, Lynval Golding, Silverton Hutchinson and Horace Panter, the band replaced Strickland was replaced with Terry Hall relatively quickly and added Neville Staple and Roddy Byers in 1978. Joe Strummer of the Clash saw the band and invited them to tour as the Clash's opening act. In 1979, Hutchinson was replaced by John Bradbury, after which the band had its relatively brief run of popular success. In 1981, Staples, Hall, and Golding left the band after which the membership was in a constant state of chaos with an almost endlessly rotating cast of members until 1984 when the band dissolved for good.

In 1993, the band reformed and has performed off and on ever since, with an ever fluctuating cast of members.

The band has a website named The Specials, and can also be found on Facebook.

Musical Monday Selections:

06/10/19: Ghost Town
05/14/18: The Special A.K.A. Live! [Too Much Too Young] (featuring Rico)

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