Saturday, June 20, 1970

Musical Artist - Tripod

Tripod is an Australian band that is notable for its humorous songs and witty banter. The band is comprised of (naturally enough) three members, Scott "Scod" Edgar, Simon "Yon" Hall, and Steven "Gatesy" Gates. The trio met while they were all attending the University of Melbourne, and they gained notoriety by performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and their regular spot on the Triple J radio show.

Their musical style is eclectic, ranging from folk, to ballads, to "hard rock", although they only use acoustic guitars as musical accompaniment to their songs. They usually perform to the music of just one guitar played by Scod, but sometimes they add another played by Gatesy. No matter the style they are performing in, their signature is always their humorous and usually geek-oriented lyrics. The band has an official website named Scod, Yon & Gatsey Are Tripod.

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