Tuesday, June 16, 1970

Musical Artist - Paul & Storm

Me with Paul & Storm
at Dragon*Con in 2011
Paul & Storm are a comedy singing duo who were formerly one-half of the a capella singing group Da Vinci's Notebook. They are clearly geeky, but their musical topics are more often mainstream than geekish. A running gag they use during their concert appearances is to take a sentence snippet said by someone on stage and say "_____ is the name of my ______ cover band", with the intent of making as humorously topical a comparison as possible. An example would be "Buy All This Shit is the name of my Kiss cover band." Boosting their geek credibility, they are friends with Kim Evey (one of the co-producers of The Guild) and her husband Greg Benson. Further boosting their geek credibility, they are friends with Wil Wheaton, and occasionally have him perform with them. They also provided background music and musical interludes for Wil Wheaton's monologue "William Fucking Shatner". You can find them on their self-named website Paul & Storm and follow them on Twitter as well. On their website, they have a regular podcast titled Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes (On Average).

Musical Monday Selections:

01/21/13: Baby Got Back (with Jonathan Coulton)
02/06/12: Best Super Bowl Song Ever! (with Jonathan Coulton and featuring Greg Benson)
11/26/12: Chiron Beta Prime (with Jonathan Coulton)
12/23/13: Christmas Eve Eve
12/17/12: Christmas Is Interesting (with Jonathan Coulton)
05/12/14: Count to Ten
05/16/16: Dusty California
03/26/18: The Easter Song
01/30/12: Frogger: The Frogger Musical
03/23/15: George Mason
10/19/15: Lame Monster Party
06/13/16: Nun Fight
01/12/15: Opening Band
04/18/16: (The Shadow War of the Night) Dragons of the Night
01/04/16: Thanksgiving
11/05/12: The Way Too Early Christmas Song
04/25/16: Westerosi Pie
01/18/12: I Will Sing a Lullaby
01/19/15: William Fucking Shatner (with Wil Wheaton)
10/14/13: Your Love Is (a Metaphor)

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