Friday, June 19, 1970

Musical Artist - Springsteen, Bruce

Bruce Springsteen is an American singer and songwriter whose lyrics generally focus on the concerns of the blue collar working class segment of society. He is nicknamed "the Boss", and in his native New Jersey he is treated as an almost deific figure. His most popular songs are probably Born to Run and Born in the U.S.A., but in my opinion, his better works are the quieter and more reflective pieces found deeper on his albums such as Nebraska, Downbound Train, My Hometown, and The River. On a personal note, when I was in college, my fraternity would always play Springsteen's song Rosalita at every party, which would draw every member onto the dance floor for an enormous semi-choreographed dance involving lots of jumping and stomping. The tradition pre-dated me, so I have no idea how or why it started.

Springsteen has an Official Website, and a Facebook page. There is also a very prominent fan run site dedicated to Springsteen named Backstreets.

Musical Monday Selections:

05/03/21: Dancing in the Dark
06/24/14: Downbound Train
04/13/15: Nebraska
09/05/16: The River

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